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Find a Scion windshield repair tech and get instant quotes for your Scion windshield replacement whether you're driving the FR-S, xA, or xD . For local glass replacement costs click here.


Scion is a prime example of how quickly a brand new automobile company can find success when they're managed well and have innovative ideas. Scion was founded in 2002 by Toyota, with the purpose of serving the North American automotive marketplace. Scion's mission was simple: create a new brand of vehicles. The vision in mind was small and incredibly hip vehicles, served up at ridiculously low prices. The brand was targeted specifically at young adults, as Scion figured that clientele between ages 16-35 were in need of a vehicle aimed at them; a vehicle that was fun, cool, and affordable. Prior to launching, Scion did a number of studies on Generation Y consumers, to find what would most appeal to them. To this day research of the young adult consumer market remains a large part of what the automaker does. While this research has paid dividends, and Scions are indeed popular with the younger generation, they've also been very popular with most every other consumer demographic as well.

Scion came out of the gates firing, which is the only way that an American auto company launched in 2002 would survive the American automotive crisis barely half a decade later. But Scion did survive – thrived, even – which is how they've not only expanded from two vehicles to four, but gotten more fun, more hip, more aesthetically appealing, and more desirable in the process. The current lineup consists of the tC, an entry level subcompact coupe; the iQ, a subcompact three-door hatchback; the FR-S, Scion's first true sports car; and the xB, a compact five-door hatchback. Despite thriving at times, however, Scion is struggling to stay afloat, and it continues to be a debate as to whether the company will survive.

With a lineup of that size, it goes without saying that the glass setup is relatively simple for the Scion stable. The FR-S, iQ, and the tC all have front and rear windshields, front side glass, and rear quarter glass behind the door frame. The FR-S also adds front quarter glass, which is attached to the door frame. The xB has a front and rear windshield, front and rear side glass, and rear quarter glass attached to the door frame.

Because Scion is still small, most of their dealership replacements go through Toyota. The result is something that can break the bank for a lot of consumers. With Scion models, aftermarket glass specialists are the way to go, presuming you can find trustworthy and reputable ones. It's not uncommon for aftermarket specialists to be able to offer Scion window, quarter glass, and windshield replacements for as much as a quarter of the price that you'll be dinged should you take your vehicle straight to the dealership.

For some people, dealership glass is important, so shopping around is especially important with Scions. Some Toyota dealerships charge outrageous prices for replacement work, while others aren't horribly priced relative to aftermarket specialists. Shop around between dealerships and glass specialists, and you'll almost assuredly find a quality job for a decent price.

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2005 Scion tC 2.4L 4-Cylinder Engine windshield 2005 Scion tC Side-View Mirror w/Integrated Turn Signal windshield 2005 Scion tC 2dr Coupe windshield 2005 Scion tC Rear Badging windshield 2005 Scion tC 2dr Coupe windshield 2005 Scion tC 2.4L 4-Cylinder Engine windshield 2005 Scion tC 2dr Coupe windshield 2005 Scion tC Rear Badging windshield 2009 Scion xD Hatchback windshield 2009 Scion xD Hatchback windshield 2011 Scion xD Hatchback windshield 2011 Scion xD Hatchback windshield 2011 Scion xD Hatchback windshield 2011 Scion xD Release Series 3.0 Hatchback windshield 2011 Scion xD Hatchback windshield 2015 Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0 Coupe Exterior windshield
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The replacement cost of Scion auto glass varies based on year, model, and part type. The more common the glass and model is means the replacement job will be cheaper due to a wider availability of parts and installation information. Other things like whether the vehicle has rain sensors, electro-chromatic mirrors, defrosters, lane departure systems, and other attributes will affect price of windshields and glass. Use the table below to get an idea of how much your repair will cost.

Select from the list below to see auto glass pricing for your specific Scion year/model.

Date Vehicle Glass Price
05/05/2015 2014 Scion FR-S Passenger front door glass $203.70
04/13/2015 2014 Scion FR-S Windshield $411.60
02/20/2015 2014 Scion FR-S Back glass-heated-dark privacy tint-with defrost $432.13
01/14/2015 2013 Scion FR-S Windshield $407.00
01/11/2015 2013 Scion FR-S Windshield $425.92
11/29/2014 2013 Scion FR-S Windshield $300.00
02/08/2015 2012 Scion iQ Windshield $360.66
11/24/2014 2012 Scion iQ Windshield $355.15
11/10/2014 2012 Scion iQ Windshield $374.74
03/09/2015 2014 Scion tC Windshield $333.45
12/28/2014 2014 Scion tC Passenger Front Door Glass $324.79
02/21/2014 2014 Scion tC Rear Window (Driver Side) $326.47
10/25/2017 2013 Scion tC Windshield $368.58
10/12/2017 2013 Scion tC Windshield $373.71
09/23/2017 2013 Scion tC Front Driver's Side Door Glass $377.90
08/05/2017 2012 Scion tC Windshield $369.59
07/19/2017 2012 Scion tC Windshield $381.85
07/08/2017 2012 Scion tC Windshield $381.11
08/23/2017 2011 Scion tC Windshield $373.99
08/01/2017 2011 Scion tC Windshield $367.27
09/22/2017 2010 Scion tC Windshield $285.44
08/07/2017 2010 Scion tC Windshield $280.06
10/12/2017 2009 Scion tC Windshield $282.12
09/19/2017 2009 Scion tC Back Glass $380.57
11/13/2017 2008 Scion tC Windshield $288.63
10/27/2017 2008 Scion tC Windshield $267.48
10/23/2017 2008 Scion tC Windshield $251.38
10/20/2017 2007 Scion tC Windshield $274.82
10/08/2017 2007 Scion tC Windshield $279.68
09/30/2017 2007 Scion tC Windshield $271.27
10/13/2017 2006 Scion tC Windshield $261.56
09/30/2017 2006 Scion tC Driver's Side Quarter Glass $311.89
09/29/2017 2006 Scion tC Back Glass $360.94
09/18/2017 2005 Scion tC Windshield $278.99
08/17/2017 2005 Scion tC Windshield $261.79
08/15/2017 2005 Scion tC Windshield $279.90
09/03/2017 2006 Scion xA Windshield $277.16
08/26/2017 2006 Scion xA Front Driver's Side Door Glass $286.97
08/12/2017 2006 Scion xA Windshield $276.98
09/06/2017 2005 Scion xA Rear Driver's Side Door Glass $260.91
08/15/2017 2005 Scion xA Windshield $271.50
08/12/2017 2005 Scion xA Driver's Side Quarter Glass $388.78
10/01/2017 2004 Scion xA Rear Driver's Side Door Glass $272.74
09/30/2017 2004 Scion xA Rear Driver's Side Door Glass $260.96
08/30/2017 2004 Scion xA Back Glass $484.61
08/04/2017 2012 Scion xB Front Passenger's Side Door Glass $283.04
07/24/2017 2012 Scion xB Windshield $261.62
07/16/2017 2011 Scion xB Windshield $274.11
07/11/2017 2011 Scion xB Windshield $276.77
10/07/2017 2010 Scion xB Windshield $273.12
10/06/2017 2010 Scion xB Windshield $291.97
09/07/2017 2010 Scion xB Windshield $273.21
10/31/2017 2009 Scion xB Windshield $271.28
10/10/2017 2009 Scion xB Windshield $265.34
09/27/2017 2009 Scion xB Windshield $298.40
10/23/2017 2008 Scion xB Windshield $270.72
10/08/2017 2008 Scion xB Windshield $265.15
10/05/2017 2008 Scion xB Windshield $270.41
03/17/2010 2008 Scion XB Windshield $341.04
11/09/2017 2006 Scion xB Windshield $282.88
10/23/2017 2006 Scion xB Windshield $256.50
10/21/2017 2006 Scion xB Front Driver's Side Door Glass $272.45
11/13/2017 2005 Scion xB Windshield $257.23
11/09/2017 2005 Scion xB Windshield $286.44
10/24/2017 2005 Scion xB Windshield $276.00
10/24/2017 2004 Scion xB Windshield $275.30
10/23/2017 2004 Scion xB Windshield $275.30
05/24/2017 2013 Scion xD Front Passenger's Side Door Glass $287.99
04/11/2017 2013 Scion xD Front Passenger's Side Door Glass $305.32
01/08/2017 2013 Scion xD Windshield $255.08
04/30/2017 2012 Scion xD Windshield $257.86
04/13/2017 2012 Scion xD Windshield $205.52
03/14/2017 2012 Scion xD Windshield $268.16
05/17/2017 2011 Scion xD Windshield $250.30
04/01/2017 2011 Scion xD Back Glass $706.50
10/29/2016 2011 Scion xD Windshield $279.07
11/07/2017 2010 Scion xD Windshield $281.19
09/26/2017 2010 Scion xD Windshield $280.51
08/14/2017 2009 Scion xD Windshield $258.13
05/18/2017 2009 Scion xD Rear Passenger's Side Door Glass $294.01
05/18/2017 2009 Scion xD Rear Driver's Side Door Glass $330.77
09/09/2017 2008 Scion xD Windshield $257.84
08/24/2017 2008 Scion xD Rear Driver's Side Door Glass $319.48
06/29/2017 2008 Scion xD Windshield $262.92